The Man In An Indian Jacket

In my bed one night I awoke to a sensation of touch
A man was peering down at me
As if with concern.
A beautiful jacket hung on his lean frame.
The fringes swinging with every move
His stride the sureness of man.
The face I could not see, it was circled in fog
Then he turnded, going through the wall.
I jumped out of bed in search of him
And seeing the secure door, knew he was supernatural.
I returned to my bed, placing a child on either side of me
Acting on what mother taught,
The innocence of children.
Reciting the Lord's prayer,
My gaze holding the symbol on the wall,
Soon I slept.

The next day I told my mother
"The in-laws" she said. "Ask them."
Sure enough, they had a relative
Who had a favourite jacket.
The late Grand Chief John Denny
My in-law kin from another age.

Lnu and Indians We're Called, Rita Joe